There is always a reason to foreplay. Think of it as taking your time to perfume your woman’s scent.

Great sex always started with a pleasant smell. Or better yet, a delicious meal and a bottle of wine, followed by a sexy massage.

The great thing is, all of this doesn’t need to happen within the first few hours of meeting a new woman.

Foreplay is the “soap opera” that plays out before the couple’s love life becomes a couple. Foreplay begins with the male attracting the female, then escalating physically.

The male may even win her approval and make her want to sleep with him.

How to start foreplay.

Men usually use foreplay to pick up on things the woman has already dirt about her. Like a female Networks guru or something.

For instance, if a woman has a classic “girlfriend” tattoo there is no mistake in showing up with one of your classic club shirts and a smile to ask her if she knows where you got it.

The female may even ask him to take it back because her friends “are never going to believe it” or something. And if you are truly bold, you can make the request close to his face, asking “where did you get that?”

Guys – if you can pull at least appear to be mischievous, funny, and easygoing in your approach to the evening, you will have no problem holding her interest for as long as you wish.

A fool’s errand is another way to start foreplay. Simply ask her if she would like to “go to dinner” at your apartment, then pull out a chair and a table for the two of you.

To an extent, foreplay will also involve the male and the female agreeing on a venue. The woman could pick where the couple will eat. For convenience, the man can provide the venue and the women can decide how to present themselves.

The trick is, no matter what venue you choose, it is all about creating a rapport between the male and the female beforehand.

The male can preface the female’s choice by asking what her interests are. For example, if the woman is known to like Italian food, the man can mention how he learned how to cook in another country during his travels.

We often hear an anecdote or two about men who have cooked spaghetti in Italy, and Italy is such a long way off, that he didn’t know where to get the salt.

Later, if the relationship continues, they can go to Italy and eat at a romantic spaghetti restaurant.

It’s a very small thing, but it plays a large role in the continued success of many relationships.

If the man even has a chance of developing a traditional intimate relationship with the woman he is interested in, he must be able to interact with her in such a way that shows her that he is not a stranger but a friend, and a person she knew before the relationship became hot.

He can call her by name, and tell her what he thinks about her. It helps if the woman laughs at his jokes, much as women do, especially sexually.

He should have the appearance of someone who is used to being around a lot of women, which in itself is a key to her trust. Some men think they need to spend a great deal of time alone with the woman before making the move they fear.

MY friend advised me to be quiet with the woman I’d just met at the club. She was very comfortable talking openly with me. Slow and casual is the description I preferred. I was comfortable telling her how I felt during our conversation.

She was also comfortable discussing her past romances, a subject she said she is interested in.

I never used an “I love you” statement. I recognized that words would at best buy her a round of drinks and a chance to continue our conversation. I was ready to use a nice compliment, like the one I gave my friend at the coffee shop, but I wanted to pick more from her answers.

When the man and woman have gotten beyond the physical, they’ll have realized that there is something deeper between them.